8 Lead Generation Mistakes to Avoid

Gaining new customers is essential for every business to grow. You also like to get new leads whenever possible. But you wouldn’t like to repeat some lead generation mistakes that others make. These mistakes can not only lower your company’s potential of finding new customers but may also impact your overall online presence.

In this guide, we will talk about these mistakes in detail, including:

  • Lead purchases
  • Inefficient blogging
  • Improper CTA
  • SEO Mistakes, and others

Moreover, we will discuss how a professional marketing agency can help you avoid these mistakes. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details!

Lead Generation: Introduction

Lead generation is the building block of any business and company since it brings potential customers for sales. It is a process by which a company finds new prospects and convinces them to buy the business’s product or service. Hence, it is a process of finding new customers and converting them into loyal buyers.

But it doesn’t mean you should approach any person and sell them your products. It requires near-accurate research and homework to select the audience that intends or desires to buy from you.

Various marketing or advertising techniques and strategies fall under the lead generation process. The main objective is to select a method most suitable for your business and use it effectively to get new customers.

Top 8 Lead Generation Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

While multiple companies, from startups to large corporations, work on the process, many of them make some mistakes that cost them the business. Here are the top 8 lead generation mistakes that you should not repeat, and their best possible solutions. Let’s Go!

1. Purchasing the Email List

Emailing your subscribers or other people is an effective way to introduce them to your company. However, these email of potential customers are purchasable, and people still buy them. Now, it may sound tempting that you get the addresses of various people whom you can approach with a pitch deck. But, it is not a wise move to purchase leads or these email lists.

Buying lists is among the most common lead generation mistakes you must avoid. Although you will send several convincing emails to numerous people, you are unsure if they will even respond.

In this context, the value proportion and ROI of the investment are very low. Hence, you should only focus on sending emails or promotional offers to those who are subscribed to your newsletter.

2. Avoiding Tools

Like every other field, lead generation also has tools and software to help a business find more quality leads and make more sales. These tools usually include several features, such as calling, mailing, texting, scheduling meetings, connecting customers with live agents, chatbots, and many more.

The purpose behind each software is to facilitate and streamline the funnel through which a potential prospect converts to a buying lead.

However, some companies ignore these tools and make the biggest lead generation mistakes. They believe in the traditional methods or old-school techniques, without adapting the new reforms.

As a result, they lack innovative ideas and get behind their competitors. If you don’t want your competitors to steal your potential customers, start investing in lead generation tools.

3. Ignoring Social Media’s Importance

Social media is a hub of limitless opportunities for every business. It provides them with a fantastic platform to engage with their followers, present them with new products, divert them to the website, and ultimately make sales.

In fact, 68% of marketers find social media an excellent platform for lead generation. However, many businesses are not familiar with its importance.

Ignoring the significance of social media is among the most dangerous lead generation mistakes for your business.

Since more than 5 billion users are active on these channels and spend an average of four hours daily consuming content there, you will be missing a golden opportunity. So, if your social media campaigning is absent or not active enough, pay special attention to this method to get more leads.

4. Ineffective Use of CTA

CTA, a call to action, is the prime element of any lead generation activity. Whether it is a landing page, promotional email, Facebook ad, or anything else. You cannot expect a conversion without a CTA button.

The problem is that some businesses assume they have conveyed their message enough through the page, and the lead will eventually contact them.

No, without a proper CTA button, it will never happen. It is among the grave lead generation mistakes you can make. Sometimes, maybe your message and convincing part are strong enough to make the customer buy from your business. However, they still need that one, last, small push.

Moreover, the placement of the CTA button also matters. Try to put it where the visitor expects it the most. Additionally, try to integrate a CTA button on your free trial landing pages or promotional materials. It can increase the click rate and potential conversion by 328%.

5. Inconsistent & Ineffective Blog Posts

An unpopular idea, blogging can also bring your company more leads. When your website’s traffic finds your blogs informational, valuable, engaging, and entertaining, they are more likely to purchase from your company.

You only need to cover various topics related to your industry and put a CTA at the end of each blog. But it doesn’t mean you should publish new articles randomly.

There should be a structure, format, and consistency. First of all, you should address the problem of your visitors. Try to provide them with the solution to their problem. Next, make a schedule. If you are posting 3 blogs per week, stick to it. It may drop down to 2 blogs/week, but don’t leave it for several days.

6. Marketing to the Wrong Audience

Another one of the biggest lead generation mistakes is marketing your product or services to the wrong audience. The selection of quality leads is extremely crucial for maximum ROI and conversion rate. No matter how well your strategy is, and how productive your campaign was, if your audience has no interest, they won’t buy it.

On average, 18% of marketers don’t even know the cost per lead they are spending. So, if you picture this with an non-effective campaign to the wrong audience, you can estimate the waste of funds.

Hence, researching for your audience is the most vital aspect. You can perform it by analyzing your competitors or which problem your product solves. It will eventually answer your concerns.

7. Making SEO Mistakes

Well, it is the most obvious factor that you will get new leads when you have a prominent brand presence, identity, and visibility. You get it via two means; one is advertising and the other is organic.

SEO is the channel of organic leads that will come to your website or business with pure intent. They have the highest buying potential. In fact, 27% of marketers say organic search has more quality leads. However, many people don’t cater to its importance and make huge SEO mistakes. Get the best SEO services and don’t make such mistakes.

These mistakes include improper utilization of headings (H-tags), meta tags, images, keywords, densities, and other technical aspects. Ensure you have a solid and flawless SEO (both on-page and off-page) on your website to get the top rankings and gain maximum leads.

8. Not Diversifying Channels

The last but also one of the most popular lead generation mistakes is not exploring new channels. When a business gets surplus leads from one platform, it sticks to that channel and doesn’t diversify its means.

In this context, the business reduces its progression chances. And risk is when it stops producing a reliable stream, the business doesn’t have other means to gain new customers.

So, diversification is vital for business progression. On the one hand, it assures you that you will always have a backup with smooth lead generation.

On the other hand, it improves your brand identity, driving more sales and newer customers. You can adapt it by creating several social media profiles, using different marketing platforms, and collaborating with different partners.

How a Professional Marketing Team Can Help You Overcome Lead Generation Mistakes?

Usually, you can overcome all the above lead generation mistakes by yourself. However, if you are not so familiar with the thick and thin of many processes, such as SEO, social media, blog posting, and other technical aspects, we will advise you to hire a marketing agency. They have professionals for each department and can generate more high-quality leads than others.

At Pro Concept, we can assist you in this regard as we have an in-house expert team. Our professional digital agency not only has skillful SEO and social media specialists but also veteran content generators who can grab the attention of your very audience.

On the other hand, we are also available to guide you if you are stuck at any point by our free consultation. One of the major benefit of digital agency that they cover all of the lead generation mistakes. Know more what are the others benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency.


Finding new customers is the core of business progress. However, many companies make severe lead generation mistakes that cost them business loss.

If you don’t want to repeat their mistakes, you shouldn’t buy leads and diversify your generation channels, especially social media. Publish valuable blogs on your website with proper CTA, and ensure flawless SEO. Moreover, use the right tools to get the right audience for maximum conversion.

In the end, Pro Concept is always here to guide you through the process. If you are confused at any stage, get a free consultation from our team or proper assistance.

We will not only improve your lead amount and quality but also enhance your brand identity so that the lead pour in with minimum effort. So, explain your confusion and get a free quote today!

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