Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

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Why Should You Consider a Professional Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agency for Better Advertising?

Although setting up a pay-per-click ad seems easy, it requires precise audience targeting and the right strategy to get clicks. A professional PPC agency can provide you with accurate campaigns that will drive more sales and help you generate more revenue. Such a team is exceptional in defining your PPC ads campaign goals and establishing your brand and an identity that people will remember.

With the right company and their robust strategies, you can make almost $2 on every $1 you spend on the ad. Additionally, with the most effective PPC campaign, you can increase your brand’s awareness by 80%. So, considering a professional team will be wise for the best return on investments. After all, PPC traffic has a 50% higher conversion rate than organic traffic.

Larger Audience Reach

The right PPC company helps you to get a wider audience reach. So, if your company can ship internationally, you will have a maximum potential for a rapid business boost. Moreover, a PPC agency presets your ads for people who require your service or products. Hence, you not only get a larger audience reach but also quality leads with a better conversion rate. With proper utilization, a pay-per-click agency can increase your website traffic by 220%.

Larger Sales Potential

Since the lead clicking on your ad is in need of your business or is attracted by the ad, the conversion chances are immense. Moreover, the advertising platform doesn’t charge you unless someone clicks. So, this technique has massive ROI. 40% of brands further increase their budget after an effective first round. That’s why PPC is among the top three on-page conversion generators. All the PPC services agencies are familiar with this aspect. So they can generate more leads and sales with proper techniques.

Don’t Just Get Clicks, Create a Brand With Ads

At Pro Concept Marketing, we have gathered PPC advertisement experts with the most innovative minds. So, our professionals will not only work on making your PPC campaigns more click-tempting. We will also establish your brand value and image so people will be reminded of your business later when they have similar requirements. Our liable yet authentic strategies will keep you above your competitors for the long term.

Audience-Oriented Strategies

Our PPC advertising agency provides audience-oriented keywords and strategies so you only target the right people. Our experts will deliver you the best marketing and advertising plan based on your audience’s demographic and psychology to grab the attention of the best potential leads.

In-Depth PPC Audits

We analyze the pay-per-click ads and techniques through various aspects to make them the most effective and converting. Hence, you will get highly informative and in-depth audits with all the key performance indicators (KPIs) to make the right decisions about branding.

Transparent Reports

Our pay-per-click agency doesn’t give you an all-well report. In fact, we deliver results with accurate numbers and stats and only show the correct figures. So, you will know when something is odd and take a step on time, building trust between us.

Multi-Regional PPC Campaigns

If your company serves different regions with multiple strategies, you can rely on Pro Concept to address them all. Our experts will run and manage your multi-regional PPC ad campaigns with a customized approach for maximum ROI.

Choose the Right PPC Services Agency for Precise Advertisement

As you understand the importance of the right PPC campaign and the significance of selecting the professional team, let’s cut to the chase. Pay-per-click advertisements are not just ads on the top of SERPs. Pro Concept Marketing offers you diversified PPC services that will address your several ad requirements and bring you high-quality leads with maximum conversion potential.

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Deep Keywords Research

Advertisements need to target the right keywords so that your ads are present to the right audience. The more specific these keywords are, the more accurate your advertisement campaigns will be and bring quality leads. In fact, 66% of keywords that have buyer intent are paid clicks. So, it is important to grab that audience for a successful boost.

Pro Concept PPC agency will deeply analyze these keywords for your business and deliver you the most effective list. We will filter the accurate keywords and sort out those that will bring customers with buying intention.

Landing Page Optimization

Pay-per-click ads are most effective and converting when they lead to engaging, enticing, and clear landing pages. But since the average conversion of landing pages is hardly 10%, you will need to put in extra effort (even more than your home pages) to make them picture-perfect.

Luckily, we are here to make these pages vibrant, appealing, and inviting. Our professional PPC advertising agency has the most talented web designers and expert marketers. We will develop the most intriguing landing pages for your business so that your visitors won’t only be impressed by the PPC ad but also by the page.


Pay-Per-Click Management

Creating and making live your PPC campaign is not the only task. You will need to constantly monitor the ad and strategy’s performance to make informed decisions on time. If it is working well, you need to expand its effectiveness. However, if the ad is underperforming, you must improve the lacking areas.

But with the Pro Concept PPC agency, you don’t need to stress about these factors. As a complete PPC services company, we will handle everything, from keyword research and advertisement launching to constant monitoring and improving performance. Our experts will take care of your campaigns so you can focus on other aspects of improving brand identity.

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Google & Bing Ads

Search engine advertisement is the most common, popular, and used means of PPC ads. More than 94% of the advertising budget is dedicated to search ads. And the investment is also evident through the 50% more conversion rate than organic reach. Google and Bing are the most prominent platforms for this purpose (where Google has the lion’s share of 92% of the market).

As your one-stop pay-per-click firm, we will carefully manage your PPC ads on these platforms. Our advertising experts will not only deliver you the right Google & Bing advertising strategies but also monitor your campaigns for the maximum ROI. So, you will get all the quality leads along with organic traffic.


YouTube Advertisement

Like Bing and Google, YouTube has also become a search engine. So, it also allows PPC advertisements on the platform. Interestingly, since people spend significant time on YouTube every day, your ads have an 85% higher chance of catching their attention than regular TV commercials or print mediums.

Pro Concept understands the importance and effectiveness of this medium. That’s why we offer the most accurate YouTube PPC services that will deliver your graphical ads to the right audience. Moreover, we will also utilize the platform’s target precision so your ads will be delivered only to those who are more likely to make a purchase, increasing your ROI.

Social Media Advertisement

Search engine ads are not the only form of PPC. Social media is as important for advertisement as the other mediums are. Nearly 37% of people suggest that these ads influence their product purchases. That’s because social media PPC ads are more personalized than search engines.

And with the right PPC advertising company, you can easily grab that audience. We will run your campaigns on social networking channels with great precision and engagement so that you won’t get a high click ratio but also huge traffic to your landing pages through these platforms.

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Paid Search Advertising

Paid advertisements on search engines and other platforms are the quickest way to increase your brand visibility. However, the selection of the right keyword and low bidding value is a must to keep your budget intact. Moreover, since several others may have paid ads on your keyword, you want yours to be at the top.

At Pro Concept Marketing, we will make sure your paid search advertisements remain on top for the right audience. Our PPC firm will filter buyers-intent keywords to give you the potentially converting customers. Moreover, we will monitor your ads performance and ROI so you don’t spend hefty on the south-going strategies.


Remarketing Campaigns

Sometimes, a PPC campaign doesn’t perform well at first or performs beyond expectations. In this case, remarketing the campaign can be beneficial. A single remarketing can increase your conversion rate to 160% on the second try. So, if a strategy is too good on paper (or in mind), it should be practiced again.

Our PPC agency will recreate your campaigns with the best amendments and fix the loopholes that might have been missed previously. Our experts will work on the style, strategy, design, and engagement to make it even more effective and inviting. So, you don’t get the clicks for sales but a higher number for a significant boost.

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We Will Market Your Brand Through Various Advertisement Campaigns

Many people think PPC ads only consist of search engine or social media advertisements. However, this marketing has developed way more than their imagination. Today, several types of advertisements run on different channels in different forms to attract the audience for sales. Our PPC advertising agency works with all these types and delivers the best results for maximum outcomes.

Top Search Ads

These are the most common and widely used PPC advertisements that appear on the top of SERPs. Search ads bring twice the traffic than organic reach as people often click on them without noticing they are actually sponsored ads. Our pay-per-click agency will make them even more compelling and engaging that your visitors will click even after knowing.

Attractive Display Ads

You will find these ads in different websites’ dedicated advertising panels or sidebars. Although people don’t interact with this PPC type that much, they are essential for brand visibility and bear long-term results. Our in-house team of graphic designers will create aesthetic and compelling display ads for your business.

Engaging Social Media Ads

Social networking channels are one of the most effective PPC advertisement service sectors. Since people consume hours of content on their social networking accounts, it is your best opportunity to grab maximum business. Our experienced social media PPC agency will create robust campaigns on these platforms for insane ROI.

Vibrant Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads are a bit different from regular Google ads. These pay-per-click advertisements show products with specs, prices, and ratings instead of redirecting to the service pages. Pro Concept will create attractive and converting campaigns for your e-store products to get high clicks and more sales.

High-Conversion In-Stream Ads

Also known as YouTube ads, in-stream ads are perfect for grabbing people’s attention and increasing their conversion chances. As the audience is more attracted to graphics content than reading, an in-stream PPC ads company can significantly enhance your brand value through this medium. Luckily, you have Pro Concept on your side for outstanding in-stream advertisements.

Cost-Effective Remarketing Ads

Reliving your previous PPC campaigns can be surprisingly beneficial as it may trigger purchases in those who like your product/service but pass it on. For this purpose, our pay-per-click agency will refresh your ad’s strategy and style. We will retarget the audience to deliver them to more specific leads for an even more impactful result.

Intuitive Local Ads

Not all businesses require global PPC advertisements, such as HVAC, household service, food delivery, and other similar companies. For them, our local PPC services will help them get nearby businesses and generate high revenue through their city. Our brilliant strategies will make the ads appear on top in their regional searches.

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Team up With the Professional PPC Agency for Insane ROI

Let Pro Concept Marketing give you a high click rate and maximum conversion on your pay-per-click ads. Our professional PPC advertising firm has the most innovative minds for your project. Moreover, you don’t just collaborate with an expert team but also find yourself among lively people who love to work and enjoy together.